Guide to Dishwasher repairs: How to fix simple common issues


Have you ever imagined yourself living without a dishwasher? Have you imagined how much trouble it could cost you when your dishwasher suddenly breaks?

Dishwasher Repairman

Fixing a dishwasher may seem a daunting task. But the truth is, most repairs are not as difficult as what most people think and on average, take less than fifteen minutes to complete.

If you are one of many Australian households that greatly depend on their dishwashers every day, well you should definitely check this dishwasher repair guide to prevent stress when your machine suddenly breaks. This repair guide can help you soon find out how to fix your appliance when the problem arises. There are few common dishwasher issues that most people experience at some point and this guide helps you find out what the problem exactly is and what the best ways to handle them are.

Here are the common dishwasher issues and how to handle them:

Is your appliance noisy? Of course, there will always be a certain amount of noise coming from your machine. However, clunking, loud buzz and banging are not a good sign. In such a case, normally you are required to replace the inlet valve. Or you can simply level the feet of the machine as an imbalance may also cause noise.

Does your dishwasher not draining? It is normal to have a small amount of water under your appliance, but if you see an excessive amount of water or if it is dirty, then a dishwasher repair is necessary. Typically, when it doesn’t drain, it may be caused by a faulty drain valve, a clogged drain line, or a clogged sink strap.

Is your dishwasher not turning on? An electrical problem is often the cause of failure to power on. It could involve the wiring on the dishwasher, problematic electrical connections within the appliance or your outlet.

The skills required to fix the issues mentioned above require skill levels that are beyond the skills of the average homeowner. So when electrical or plumbing issues are involved, your best bet is to contact your most trusted local appliance repairman. When complex issues arise, it is best to be handled by a qualified professional.

Domestic vs Commercial Cleaning Jobs in Perth


If you are a business owner or a manager who is looking for commercial cleaning jobs, then you should know that cleaning a commercial and an industrial area is a wholly different proposition to that of cleaning in a domestic setting.

commercial cleaning jobs in perthEspecially if your business is in the food production or food catering industry, you need to in make sure that your commercial area is thoroughly cleaned in a way that leaves no doubt that you will be able to meet the food standards of hygiene that are required and expected by the public at large and those responsible for inspecting and licensing such premises.

Outsourcing commercial cleaning companies like Southern Cross Cleaning ( is a smart decision f your business demands the deep cleaning. They are a team of highly trained professionals who know how to deal with any kind of cleaning challenge. Moreover, cleaning companies also use cleaning products and equipment that are way more effective than what we normally use at our homes. These products and cleaning tools are more concentrated and more advanced that they can not only provide you spotless clean area but pathogen-free as well.

Always remember that commercial cleaning is a lot more difficult than domestic cleaning. Thus, hire someone who is expert in this field and do not compromise the cleanliness and reputation of your business so hire the right people.


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How to get your child started in investment

At your age, you probably already know that investing is always a smart idea. However, your kids may don’t understand how important investing is even at a young age.

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Teaching your child about investing

Not only kids, but a lot of millennials nowadays don’t understand the importance of investing. According to a recent study, most millennials don’t want to take risks. However, this is not very smart. Everyone needs to invest because it is the best way to building wealth.

As a parent, it is very important that you teach your children how to invest and the reason why they need to invest even at a young age. Teaching them about a complex subject like investment doesn’t have to be difficult. To make your task a bit easier, explain the following advantages of investment to your kids:

Tell your children that investing can deliver great benefits (financially). Investing provides much higher returns than just holding money in a savings account. Sure, there are some risks involved when you invest like in the stock market or any kind of investment. But over time, the returns are much greater than savings.

Teach your kids that investing is not risky, but instead is a safe move because you can diversify your assets. Explain to them the saying “You should not keep all your eggs in one basket.” This means that you shouldn’t keep all your money in cash, or in your house, or in your vehicle. You should have a reliable emergency fund, your own house, hard assets (your car and other stuff), and then you should have your investments.

Then, teach your kids the importance of investing at an early age. At some point in time, they will be faced with a choice about investing anyway, so they might as well learn how to invest as early as today.

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Adapt or die: The business case for innovation

If you’re running a business in Perth in a while, you’ve probably heard from other entrepreneurs the topic “innovation.” It has been a hot topic among businesses whether big or small or regardless of the type of industry.

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Inventium founder Dr Amantha Imber. Source: Supplied.

Innovation is basically the creation of more effective products, services, processes and ideas. For a business, it could mean implementing new ideas, improving services or creating dynamic products. It can act as a catalyst that can make your business grow and can help you adapt in the marketplace.

When you do business innovation, it means you change your business model and make some changes in your existing environment in order to deliver better products and services. In your business strategy, successful innovation should be an important part. This is where you can create a culture of innovation and make a way for creative thinking. It can also increase the likelihood of your business succeeding and can create more efficient processes that can result in better productivity and performance.

Business innovation is so advantageous. Perhaps the greatest advantage of being innovative is the competitive edge you have over your competitors. You just need to put in a little creativity and you can easily come up with better ways to design products and connect with customers. Along with this, creativity will help you figure out the right marketing techniques that will help your business grow.

Another advantage of being innovative is the increase in your business’ productivity. Running a business is not easy and sometimes, you get bogged down and struggle to get everything done. This is the time when you need to think creatively by finding a new approach. In businesses, it is always preferred to test new ideas. You will be surprised by the combination of ideas that work together to make productivity plans that work for your business.

Innovation is vital to business. In fact, according to an article by Amantha Amber, innovation is so important that businesses have to adapt or die. Read her article here:

Don’t listen to billionaires — they don’t understand your business

Are you thinking about opening your own small business? If you are, you might have begun to look for advice. There are so many tips for starting a new business out there coming from successful entrepreneurs who are now billionaires, but are these tips applicable to you?

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Ravit Insights co-founder and director Jun Yan.

Countless people dream of becoming business owners, but they never try. They’re burdened with excuses and fears of failing. From money to time to responsibilities, you can make a million cases for not starting a business. Luckily, we hear words of wisdom coming from successful businessmen like Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and more. They give new business owners inspiration, motivation and some basic tips on how to get started and become successful someday.

Nowadays, looking for helpful pieces of information (that includes business tips and ideas) are already easily accessible through the World Wide Web. In most cases, choosing the best one to follow can get confusing.

Meanwhile, seasoned entrepreneurs can tell you that there is no perfect formula for starting a small business. And sometimes, great pieces of advice from very successful entrepreneurs can actually force you to think in a new way.

The truth is, starting a new business is often a learn-as-you-go process. However, the more smart decisions you make early on, the better chance your company has for success.

However, according to an article written by Jun Yan for Smart Company Australia, billionaires and experts don’t have a full understanding of your small business. They don’t relate to your products, services, market, resources and strategies because they already have all of those. And regardless of what they have you believe in TV and popular business websites, they don’t have full views of you.

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How to avoid falling victim to scammers trying to steal your money

Every year, millions of people are defrauded by criminals using clever schemes. And as more and more people use the internet in their daily lives, the number of victims continues to increase. Scammers often combine new technology with old tricks to get people to send money or give out personal information.

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There are many ways online scammers attack. With the advancement in technology and communication, they can easily contact you, earn your trust and take your personal information, assets and money from you.

One of the most common ways of online scamming is by spot imposter. They usually pretend to be someone you trust, like a government official, a family member, a charity, or a company you do business with. Don’t send money or give out personal information in response to an unexpected request — whether it comes as a text, a phone call, or an email.

Nowadays, scammers take advantage of the advanced technology to fake caller ID info. They can manipulate names and numbers so those ones that you see are not always real. If someone calls asking for money or personal information, hang up. If you think the caller might be telling the truth, call back to a number you know is genuine.

Some online scammers use trial offers to bait their victims. If you’ve been offered by a company you don’t know or haven’t worked with yet, you should be sceptical. Before you agree to a free trial, research the company and read the cancellation policy. And always review your monthly statements for charges you don’t recognise.

Credit cards are an excellent payment method for online purchases because have significant fraud protection built-in. However, some payment methods don’t. Wiring money through services like Western Union or MoneyGram is risky because it’s nearly impossible to get your money back.

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Handling customer complaints

Business owners get complaints every day. When a customer complains, it is usually for a good reason or genuine concern. Normally, those customers who complain are those who bought your product or service but did not meet their expectations.

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Customer complaints

In the customer service industry, we cannot avoid complaints. We must take care of the customer by listening to the complaint, and resolving it, to ensure a happy customer.

Majority of unhappy customers these days will bring a complaint to your attention. And according to certain studies, those who never say anything will tell an average of 11 other people about their bad experience. That is why it is important that we recognise complaints as opportunities, so we can sway these averages, one resolved complaint at a time.

As a business, you should know how to effectively communicate with your customers. They want to feel and know that you listen to them and understand their needs and wants. With that being said, they also hope that you are willing to take care of the problem to their satisfaction. No matter what the situation is, when a customer brings a complaint to your attention, (even if they do it in a less-than-desirable way) be thankful.

Every business owner should understand that when you are presented with customer complaints, those issues are not personal. The complaining customer is not attacking you directly but rather the situation at hand. This, you need to stay calm and remain in control. While it is perfectly natural to get defensive when attacked, choose to be the professional and keep your cool.

Listening to your customers and getting the right facts about their complaints is essential. Listen and take the initiative in the conversation. Ask questions so that you can come up with a plan and be able to offer the best possible solution to their problem.

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Financial literacy should be a bigger part of the school curriculum

In this digital age, financial literacy is more serious than ever. It shouldn’t just be taught in school but should also be taught at home, even for young kids.

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Financial literacy

Financial literacy is important. It is an awareness of how your money should be spent and managed, and how it can be used in ways that would make you financially secure in the future. Whether you are rich or poor, young or old, it has a huge impact on us all.

There are many benefits to learning financial literacy. Being financially literate will let you know the value of saving and budgeting. We won’t just waste our money for very expensive gadgets, clothes, cars, bags, shoes and other things which we don’t really need. We can better understand between our wants and needs and can prioritise things according to their essence in our daily lives.

People who are financially literate do not get into debt. They understand that acquiring too much debt can put anyone in deep trouble. If we are financially literate, we can determine how much loan we can afford to pay, especially if we have bills for mortgages and insurances.

Financial literacy also helps us understand what to do in order to secure our self to be better prepared during times of emergency. In times wherein we need cash or a huge amount of money to survive or overcome our monetary and emotional crises, being financially literate will save us the trouble of borrowing money that will just bring us more problems.

If we are financially literate, we can impact our knowledge to our kids. We can teach them how to budget and save to prepare for years ahead. They can also realize even at their young age how their parents work hard to provide for all their needs.

There are truly many benefits to being financially literate. That is why it should be a bigger part of the school curriculum according to an article at WA Today.

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Do the sums before you sign up for that hot car deal

Are you planning to purchase your first car? For sure, you’re already excited to sit behind the stirring wheels of your brand-new car that you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. You’re already excited to ride your family and friends with you in your dream car.

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Car deal

Buying your first car can be exciting but it can also be a big challenge since a car is a major purchase. Cars nowadays are not cheap so you can consider it as a big investment and it can be a daunting task, but to convert that daunting task to an easy enjoyable task, you should do the sums before you sign up for that car dealership.

To save you money, you need to decide on what you exactly want and what you are willing to pay ahead of time. This will also help you avoid a lot of hassle and usual pitfalls.

One of the things smart car buyers do is that they choose the right time when buying. There are times of the year when there will be huge car dealerships and inventory. At those times you can find competitive prices, more incentives and better deals. You can do some research as to what months car inventories become huge. So it is much better to look for the most appropriate time when you purchase a car.

Researching car prices is also a basic yet excellent way to save a lot of money from your car purchase. By now, you are limited to the cars that fall into your budget scale. Try to research the prices of those cars by visiting their display centres or online websites. You can collect as many price quotes as you can so you can extract an average price for each car you are interested in.


Are discounts the secret to increasing sales? This research says maybe not

In today’s competitive business environment, winning customers has never been more challenging. There are many ways to draw more customers to your shop, convincing them to pick you over your competitors, but one of the oldest, most proven ways of doing this is by offering discounts.

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Offering discounts on purchases is an old yet extremely effective method of increasing your sales. Anytime you tell your customers that they can save money, you’re likely to get their attention. People prefer purchasing on sale. Hence your discount will serve as a ploy to attract more buyers to your shop.

Especially if your discount is only good for a certain amount of days only, you can mention that when you advertise the discounted items. If people know they only have a few days to do so, they are more likely to rush in and look around. Your store will experience more traffic, so you may need to schedule more employees during the discount period so service is smooth.

Aside from helping your shoppers, discounts also help your business. From increased sales to improved reputation, discounts maybe that one ingredient that can bring business success. Since it attracts more people, your business will have more potential buyers. Thus, you’ll be able to meet your sales goals whether weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly sales goals. If your business is in danger of missing those goals, you can offer discounts can help the business meet and surpass planned sales figures.

Here in Australia, numerous business establishments both big and small are using or at least have used purchase discounts to attract customers. In fact, according to Salmat’s 2019 report, it reveals that Australian small businesses believe that discounts are the key to capturing customers that’s why they’re discounting their products too heavily. But according to the same report, customers are above all looking for value for money rather than the cheapest offering.

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Loan Rejection

When talking about our finances, being in debt is not always a bad thing as long as you know how to leverage it effectively and responsibly. This is especially true if you need the cash right away, and if that amount allows you to make financial moves that’ll benefit you in the future, then even better.

Loan rejection

However, not everyone can be approved for acquiring a loan. While your credit score is considered as a major factor for approval of your loan, there are some other factors that determine your credit. These include your debt to income ratio, past credit history, and credit appetite.

Oftentimes, people get to know how low their credit score is only after their loan gets rejected. Once your loan application is rejected it becomes difficult to get it approved by another lender soon. In fact, it can take enough time to improve your score and improve your loan eligibility. Unfortunately, many Australians don’t know where to turn to or what to do next.

In the face of urgent cash requirements, you need to take some financially prudent steps to deal with loan rejection and improve your credit rating. You can start by finding out why you were denied. You also need to know how long you need to wait before applying again, and what steps you can you take, right now and in the future, to prevent it from happening again.

Whatever type of loan you want to apply for, whether it’s a business loan, personal loan, home, credit card or car loan, these actions apply. It’s always worth narrowing that gap whenever there is a disconnect between the approval of your loan and what your lender agrees to.

The first step is to analyse your financial situation. Determine why lenders weren’t able to grant your loan. Continue reading at

When travel packages deliver better value than DIY

Are you planning to travel for the first time? Travelling can be a daunting thing to do, even with ample finances. However, with limited finances it can go from daunting to outright terrifying.

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Nowadays, travelling has never been easier. We can now travel to almost anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. Travelling is no longer a privilege only reserved for the rich and famous. People can now travel even those who are not wealthy as airlines continue lowering their prices to maintain their competitive edge. Nonetheless travelling can often be highly stressful as we are making a leap out of our comfort zones and into the unknown.

If you intend to travel on a budget, you should go over some DIY travel tips you should follow. One of which is by booking all your major trips in advance. What are major trips? They are basically any intercity trips by airplane, boat, bus or train. Intercity trip is any trip that isn’t part of your destinations regional transport system. By booking in advance you can add the expenses to your transportation costs, as such large single expenses would quickly exceed your daily budget.

Booking transportation tickets in advance may be cheaper, but it does not happen all the time. When travelling on a budget, you cannot afford such a gamble. Therefore get these costs dealt with as soon as possible so you know what you are getting in to.

Another helpful money-saving tip when travelling is by booking your accommodations in advance. Once you get to your destination, you don’t want to run around trying to find vacant accommodation that fits your budget requirements. By booking in advance online, you can guarantee a place to stay upon your arrival. Furthermore, you can also research, find and book accommodation that suits your needs and budget.

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